Papagayo Sport Fishing Costa Rica

Interested in an unforgettable Papagayo sport fishing experience in Costa Rica? For more than two decades, Tuna Fish Sportfishing has been offering inshore and offshore trips at the Gulf of Papagayo. Your captain and mate will provide snacks, drinks, lunch, beers, juices, and water during your fishing excursion. Book with us now for a memorable trip!

Our Fishing charters in Costa Rica provide a fantastic opportunity for individuals to enjoy a day of fishing on a river or ocean, courtesy of boat owners. This type of service is highly favored among passionate fishermen who often book a chartered boat depending on their preference, be it a weekend or a specific mood.

Papagayo Sport Fishing

Papagayo Sport Fishing

Chartered fishing trips with us are more than just fishing – we also provide services like snorkeling, surf trips, whale watching, dolphin watching, luxury yacht cruises, and even beach & barbecue. Whether in the ocean or sea, a chartered boat offers excitement and pleasure.

Fishing charters in Papagayo Sportfishing, Costa Rica, can be expensive due to boat upkeep, fuel costs, and included food. Booking a charter can be difficult during peak seasons when availability is limited.

We offer a diverse selection of boats and rates to fit your budget and preferences.