Inshore Fishing Charter in Papagayo

Book an Inshore Fishing charter to Costa Rica for your next fishing vacation and join a fishing trip with Tuna Fish Sportfishing. The day will be spent with our experienced captains, who have over 3 decades of fishing in this area – it’s safe to say they know the area intimately and will take you to the best spots to catch fish on a Papagayo offshore fishing charter or inshore fishing charter as well.

Half-day inshore fishing charters are for those who want to enjoy the amazing Guanacaste, Costa Rica coastline. We take you fishing in the worldwide recognized Gulf of Papagayo where we target Mahi Mahi, roosterfish, bonitos, red snapper, jacks, amberjack, grouper, and much more. Our inshore fishing charters have a duration time of 4 hours from 7:30 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.

Tuna Fish Sportfishing’s goals are to make trips child friendly and enjoyable to all anglers on board, whether it’s your first fishing trip or your hundredth. For that reason, our boats and crew are the best options for you!

Take your family and friends to fish and enjoy Costa Rica from another angle. We provide beach boat pick-up from any resort around the Gulf of Papagayo.

What are you waiting for, Costa Rica awaits you!!

Targeted species in Papagayo

dorado fishing in papagayo

Dorados also known as Mahi Mahi, are caught almost year-round; however, there are more catches in the rainy season, between May through October. We catch them because they congregate on weed lines when fishing both inshore and offshore.

roosterfish fishing in papagayo

Roosterfish are caught year-round as they do not migrate. In the dry season (from December until early May) you can expect to catch an 80lbs roosterfish.  However, in the rainy season (from late May until November) you can expect to catch more, but their average size can be 40lbs roosterfish.

red snapper fishing in papagayo

Red Snapper

jack crevalle fishing in papagayo

Jack Crevalle

bonito fishing in papagayo


mackerel inshore fishing in papagayo

Spanish Mackerel

amberjack fishing in papagayo


grouper inshore fishing


About Inshore Fishing Charters

All Fishing trips include professional bilingual captains and mates (On boats), Top of line Fishing equipment, and Full electronics on board.

Additional information:

  • All fishing charter departs at 7:30 AM, but we can do it earlier under the client’s request!
  • Charter duration:  4 hours (7:30 a.m. – 11:30 p.m.).
  • Rates per boat and not per person.
  • Check the # of people per boat on the boat info.
  • Extra person $100

Charters include Ballyhoo or live bait when possible, fishing equipment, snacks, bottled water, ice bags, fresh fruits, soft drinks, local beer, juice, Catch cleaning & filleting, and lunch on full-day charters.

When to book?

Book as soon as possible to guarantee availability, especially during the holidays seasons!

Types of fishing

  • Inshore Fishing: We fish about 10 miles from the coast on the half-day trip looking for Mahi-mahi, roosterfish, amberjack, and more. We can do some bottom fishing looking for red snapper and grouper.

Cancellation Policy

Deposit non-refundable

If it is unsafe to travel, you may still cancel free of charge or change the date(s) of your booking.

Please read more about our Terms and Conditions


Some boats need a full payment. Others 50% or 20% deposit online, and pay the rest to the captain.

The remaining balance must pay using cash to avoid taxes and fees. When paying the remaining balance with a credit card, an additional 5% + 13% TAX charge will apply.

FAQs about Tuna Fish Sportfishing

Which amenities are available onboard with Tuna Fish Sportfishing?

When you book a trip with Tuna Fish Sportfishing, you can expect the following amenities onboard:

  • Toilet
  • GPS
  • Fishfinder
  • Live Bait Well
  • Multimedia System
  • Outriggers
  • Ice Box

What's included in the trip price with Tuna Fish Sportfishing?

  • Rods, reels & tackle
  • Live Bait
  • Lures
  • Catch cleaning & filleting
  • Snacks
  • Drinks
  • First Mate

What fishing techniques does Tuna Fish Sportfishing offer?

Tuna Fish Sportfishing offers the following fishing techniques:

  • Light Tackle
  • Heavy Tackle
  • Bottom Fishing
  • Trolling
  • Jigging

Do you guarantee we catch fish on our fishing charter?

There are no guarantees in fishing.  However, we can guarantee you will get the best effort out of us including the top-notch captain, mate, best gear, electronics, etc.

Do i need transportation from our resort?

If you already have your fishing charter reservation with us, you don’t need to drive to us! Tuna Fish Sportfishing can pick you up at the beach from your resort, so, if you are staying at a private village or hotel, we will coordinate with you the pickup time by boat at the nearest beach to you when it is possible.

Inshore Fishing Boats
Tuna Fish Offshore fishing boat

Tuna Fish - 30ft Phoenix

Prices for up to 5 people
Full day: $1000 (Offshore/Inshore)
3/4 day: $900 (Offshore/Inshore)
half day: $775 (Inshore)

La Pola fishing boat

La Pola - 26ft Mako

Prices for up to 3 people
Full day: $650 (Inshore)
3/4 day: $600 (Inshore)
half day: $550 (Inshore)

Hot Roosterfish fishing boat

Hot Roosterfish - 30ft Custom

Prices for up to 4 people
Full day: $800 (Inshore)
3/4 day: $650 (Inshore)
half day: $550 (Inshore)

Sea Snake fishing boat

Sea Snake - 27ft Phoenix

Prices for up to 4 people
Full day: $800 (Inshore)
3/4 day: $650 (Inshore)
half day: $550 (Inshore)

Magellan Fishing boat

Magellan - 32ft Palma Beach

Prices for up to 5 people
Full day: $1100 (Offshore/Inshore)
half day: $850 (Inshore)

Chorotega fishing boat in papagayo

Chorotega - 32ft Caroline

Prices for up to 6 people
Full day: $1225 (Offshore/Inshore)
3/4 day: $1050 (Offshore/Inshore)
half day: $900 (Inshore)

Offshore fishing boat from Ocotal beach - Freedom

Freedom II - 32ft Rampage

Prices for up to 5 people
Full day: $1350 (Offshore/Inshore)
3/4 day: $1050 (Offshore/Inshore)
half day: $1000 (Inshore)

American Dream fishing boat

American Dream - 35ft Bertram

Prices for up to 5 people
Full day: $1650 (Offshore/Inshore)
3/4 day: $1400 (Offshore/Inshore)
half day: $1100 (Inshore)

Victory boat in papagayo

Victory III - 35ft Express Cabo

Prices for up to 7 people
Full day: $1850 (Offshore/Inshore)
3/4 day: $1700 (Offshore/Inshore)
half day: $1450 (Inshore)

El Jefe too fishing boat

El Jefe Too - 35ft Pursuit 3400

Prices for up to 8 people
Full day: $2050 (Offshore/Inshore)
3/4 day: $1925 (Offshore/Inshore)
half day: $1750 (Inshore)

El Jefe Offshore fishing boat in Papagayo

El Jefe - 38ft Islander Express

Prices for up to 8 people
Full day: $2250 (Offshore/Inshore)
3/4 day: $2075 (Offshore/Inshore)
half day: $1950 (Inshore)

Sea Cloud boat in Papagayo

Sea Cloud - 40ft

Prices for up to 10 people
Full day: $2850 (Offshore/Inshore)
half day: $2000 (Inshore)

Mamacita boat in Papagayo

Mamacita Rica - 48ft Ocean

Prices for up to 8 people
Full day: $2850 (Offshore/Inshore)
3/4 day: $2450 (Offshore/Inshore)
half day: $1900 (Inshore)

All In fishing boat in papagayo

All In - 48ft Ocean Yachts

Prices for up to 10 people
Full day: $2900 (Offshore/Inshore)
3/4 day: $2800 (Offshore/Inshore)
half day: $2700 (Inshore)

Sicario boat in Papagayo

Sicario - 50ft Jarrett Bay Custom Carolina

Prices for up to 8 people
Full day: $3000 (Offshore/Inshore)
3/4 day: $2900 (Offshore/Inshore)
half day: $2800 (Inshore)

Tuna Fish Sportfishing Reviews
Requested thar we target roosters, yellowfin tuna and cubbera snapper. Captain got first two done and then we trolled. Jumped a big marlin (250+) and got multiple hits. Great day and captain/crew made it happend. Highly recommend. April 30th 19
Albert Aronovitz

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