Playa Ocotal Fishing

Ocotal Beach is a beautiful little gray sandy beach situated in the Gulf of Papagayo. The beach is very clean with crystal clear water all year round, so it’s a nice place to snorkel or simply enjoy walking on the beach. The beach is no longer than 800mts long and part of it is rocky and not able to walk or swim. Ocotal Beach is surrounded by hills and cliffs covered with vegetation, a dry forest typical of the region.

Playa Ocotal Costa Rica

Playa Ocotal Costa Rica

There are very few restaurants like Father Rooster or Maracuya. Ocotal Beach has some very good hotels, as well as condominiums and houses in the hills for rent. It is certainly an ideal place for travelers who want to get away from the hustle and bustle of Playas del Coco and surround themselves with nature.

If you want adventure in the sea, an Ocotal fishing charter is an excellent option. We offer inshore and deep sea fishing charters to all our anglers staying near or from Ocotal Beach in Guanacaste.

Ocotal Beach Fishing

If you would like to go inshore fishing with your couple, family, friends, kids, or even your mother-in-law :), you can experience the best of Ocotal Fishing all in one day. We usually go around the bay and we always catch something to eat or have fun. One of the best things about inshore fishing from Playa Ocotal is that it doesn’t take nearly as much time as a deep-sea fishing trip which requires boating out for at least a couple of hours, so you can go fishing and snorkeling all in one tour.

Playa Ocotal Fishing Trips

Playa Ocotal Fishing Trips

If you would like to do an Ocotal Offshore fishing trip where we can look for big game fish such as Blue marlin, Sailfish, Striped Marlin, huge wahoo, yellowfin tuna, bull mahi-mahi, and more. This is a great fishing location, we recommend booking a full-day fishing trip, we have many boats available with expert crew to make sure you have an amazing day out from Ocotal Beach.

We invite you to see our fishing boats to book a trip that suits you the most and start getting excited about your Papagayo fishing adventures in the Pacific.

Feel free to contact us to plan your Ocotal fishing charter today or BOOK one of our available Papagayo fishing boats according to your budget or preferences.

Additional Fishing Information

All fishing charter departs at 7:30 AM, but we can do it earlier under the client’s request!

What do our Charters include? We provide ballyhoo or live bait when possible, fishing equipment, snacks, bottled water, ice bags, fresh fruits, soft drinks, local beer, juice, Catch cleaning & filleting, and lunch on full-day charters.

When to book?
Book as soon as possible to guarantee availability, especially during the holidays seasons!

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