Costa Rica Fishing Trips

There are so many resorts located close to the coastline of Costa Rica where you can find your stay while going for the fishing activity in this part of the world. From these resorts, you can get easy pick up for the fishing tours. Dreams Las Mareas Guanacaste is the place from where you can also get the pickup for a half day or full day fishing. Go for the deep sea fishing when you are looking for more adventure and fun. Go for the waters of Costa Rica which are located twenty to thirty miles away from the coastline. Put your fishing rod with the bait in that deep sea water and wait for the fish to grab it.

Secure your Costa Rica fishing catch and feel proud

Once there is a movement on the reel, put in all your efforts to secure that catch. Once you get a catch, you really feel very proud about yourself. Not everyone attending the fishing tour is able to get a catch. When the time is right, you are at the right place in the waters and you have a bit of luck, who knows you can catch a yellowfin tuna or a sailfish or a roosterfish, or a mahi-mahi!

Roosterfish in Costa Rica

Roosterfish in Costa Rica

Fishing has never been so easier

In order to make the Costa Rica fishing trips more successful, now you can rent a fishing charter boat. These fishing boats come in different sizes and in different price ranges. When you rent one, you also get a captain and a dedicated crew onboard along with the fishing gear and snacks and drinks for the day.