Westing conchal resort is located about 1 hour from our boats dock, but we provide beach pick up from this exclusive resort (fee charge). Our friend Weylon Kenney booked the Tuna Fish boat for an offshore fishing trip with captain Nelson. It’s was a perfect day for fishing, sunny, no winds, clear waters and hot!! However, fishing was slow, just caught some mahi mahi. Weylon was interesting to book a second charter next day on the Tuna Fish boat, but no availability, we offer him a similar boat as tuna fish, but Weylon said: “i want tuna fish boat and crew again”. This is a reason why people love us and decide to book a charter with us, our experienced crew and great service make us your best fishing option!!

Book your Tuna Fish fishing charter at the Gulf of papagayo with us today, contact Capt. Fradian!!